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INRIX Delivers Real-Time Traffic Flow Services for Europe

INRIX®, the leading provider of traffic and navigation services, today announced the availability of INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow for over 50,000 kilometers across 6 European countries and the roll-out of pan-European traffic flow by early 2010. INRIX traffic services are designed for integration with advanced navigation and traffic services on mobile and vehicle-based navigation systems and are deployed by customers including the Ford Motor Company, TomTom, Telmap, Microsoft, TeleNav, and over 80 other leading companies. INRIX also published the results of traffic data quality testing completed this summer across roadway networks in major European cities in a special report, Benchmarking Traffic Data Quality: Best Practices for Analyzing the Quality of Traffic Information.

Traffic flow coverage from INRIX is now available in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg and the UK. Expanded coverage for additional countries and roads across Western Europe will continue to launch throughout 2009.

“High quality pan-European traffic information simply does not exist today,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and CEO. “We are working hard to change that, as we did in the U.S., by leveraging key strategic partnerships, using our proven sophisticated technologies and applying our unique and scalable crowd-sourcing model to the aggregation of traffic information.”

The launch of INRIX Real-Time Flow in Europe follows extensive ground truth testing in June 2009, with drivers across major European cities in key markets. Achieving comparable high quality results to coverage currently provided in North America, INRIX’s extensive traffic data quality processes in Europe are focused on managing its extensive portfolio of GPS-enabled data providers and monitoring, testing, and executing efforts to continuously improve the overall quality of its services.

INRIX’s Benchmarking Traffic Data Quality guide is now available for Europe and includes its European testing results. Designed for automobile OEMs, transportation agencies, wireless carriers and developers of location-based services, the guide showcases best practices, metrics and INRIX thought leadership on the important topic of traffic data quality.

INRIX delivers the broadest and most accurate real-time traffic information through its distinctive crowd-sourced traffic information network and data fusion technologies. INRIX intelligently blends billions of real-time data points from over one million GPS-enabled commercial and consumer devices and traditional road sensor information.

“To meet the needs of our international customers, INRIX is building best-of-breed traffic services with superior but homogenous data quality across Europe and a standardized commercial platform and interface for delivery of services,” said Hans-Hendrik Puvogel, general manager of INRIX Europe. “Leveraging our profound technical expertise and intensely collaborative approach with partners and customers, we will exploit the full potential of connected services in Europe with real-time traffic flow and related solutions.”

In addition to its real-time traffic services in Europe, INRIX recently announced the availability of INRIX Historical Traffic Speeds for Europe encompassing accurate speed information for over 420,000 kilometers across roadway networks in 6 European countries.

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