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INRIX Launches 5 New SaaS Applications to Enable Next-Gen Mobility Analytics

INRIX IQ is an easy-to-use suite of applications combining extensive data and rich analytics to enable anyone to understand the movement of people and goods – anytime, anywhere

KIRKLAND, Wash. – March 29, 2021 –  INRIX, Inc., a leader in mobility insights, today announced five new INRIX IQ applications to help make sense of location-based data for faster, smarter and easier decision making. INRIX IQ is an on-demand, cloud-based suite that combines unsurpassed breadth and depth of mobility data with market-leading analytics to allow anyone to understand the movement of people and goods – providing insights in minutes or hours, not days or months.

“In just six months, we’ve doubled the number of INRIX IQ applications to empower organizations with more insights to make data-driven decisions anytime or anywhere,” notes Bryan Mistele, CEO, INRIX. “INRIX IQ has an intuitive, no-code interface with deep insights from the world’s largest collection of mobility data, enabling organizations to make decisions smarter, faster and with more confidence.”

By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities and businesses, INRIX IQ helps organizations gain deep insights across the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem. Starting today users can access five new applications:

  • Corridor Analytics provides in-depth analysis of vehicle counts, miles traveled and vehicle type, by time of day and day of week. Corridor Analytics enables precise assessment of commuting patterns to help transportation professionals maximize the throughput of people and goods.
  • Trip Analytics provides accurate insight into the trips people take, including where they begin and end their journeys and all the waypoints in between. Trip Analytics allows transportation and planning agencies to track trends and accurately calibrate models to make more informed decisions for their transportation network investments.
  • Trade Area Analytics takes the guesswork out of analyzing candidate site locations by better understanding the true customer base of where they come from, who they are and when they come. Trade Area Analytics enables site selection experts efficiently select new store locations by understanding the size of a trade area and population demographics.
  • Visit Analytics helps businesses understand customers, competitors and shopping areas to make confident, calculated decisions. Instead of visiting prospective store locations or conducting expensive market research, Visit Analytics uncovers buyer behavior trends about current and potential customers on-demand.
  • AI Traffic provides instantaneous updates to traffic conditions on any road in the world in areas of coverage, pinpoint traffic speeds in different lanes, and delivers accurate ETAs. AI Traffic leverages the power of artificial intelligence to deliver the best and actionable traffic information, enabling road authorities to monitor, measure and improve roadways.

In addition to these new SaaS applications, businesses, cities and road authorities can use INRIX IQ to access insights and visualizations on vehicle speeds, traffic volumes, parking, signalized intersections, and road and curb rules. 

For more than 15 years, INRIX has helped the world’s most innovative public sector agencies, businesses and automakers leverage movement data to deliver better products and services to their customers and constituents. INRIX IQ pairs those same high-quality insights with powerful visualizations and purpose-built solutions in an intuitive, self-serve, cloud-based platform.

To take INRIX IQ for a test drive, sign up for a free trial:



INRIX is a leader in mobility insights for making data-driven decisions. We help cities and businesses use big data to identify and solve transportation problems, making the world safer, happier and greener. Our partners are automakers, governments, retailers, fleets and dozens of other industries that can benefit from understanding how people and vehicles move. Learn more at

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