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SnapCar and INRIX Team Up to Deliver the Fastest Car Service in Europe

PARIS, February 26, 2013 —INRIX, a leading provider of traffic information and driver services and SnapCar, a prestige booking service for chauffeur-driven cars, are teaming up to reduce the waiting and travel times for SnapCar customers.

SnapCar enables anyone to book a prestige car with a driver using their smartphone in just a few taps. With drivers in urban areas like Paris sitting idle for more than 50 hours in traffic every year, SnapCar provides them with a hassle-free, stress free alternative to driving when taking a trip across town or to the airport. INRIX is teaming with SnapCar to make the experience even better for clients by providing SnapCar with traffic information designed to ensure faster pick up times and quicker trips to customers’ destinations.

“Getting travelers comfortably around Paris is everything to us,” said Dave Ashton, co-founder of SnapCar. For our service, that doesn’t just mean providing unparalleled quality, it also means getting clients to their destination the fastest way possible. INRIX helps ensure our drivers reach clients as quickly as possible and then deliver to that customer a fast, stress-free trip to their destination. IRNIX traffic information is a critical ingredient in our efforts to achieve this goal.”

INRIX traffic information helps SnapCar and its customers in the following ways:
• Driver tracking and faster pick up times: With INRIX, SnapCar clients get an ETA for their driver and can follow him on the map to their location. SnapCar aims at arriving curbside within 2 minutes of the originally-estimated car arrival time, regardless of traffic conditions.

• Quicker Trips to Client Destinations: INRIX helps SnapCar drivers find the fastest routes, enabling them to quickly navigate through traffic to their customers’ destination.

• Better fleet management: With INRIX traffic information for highways and secondary roads, SnapCar can optimize fleet performance: knowing with specific detail which driver can get to the customer the fastest.

INRIX analyses real-time data from a diverse set of sources, ranging from its robust crowd-sourced network to traditional road sensors with information on crashes, road works and other traffic impacting events to provide up-to-the-minute traffic information, reliable travel times and ETAs. The company’s traffic services are used by more than 200 partners and customers including Audi, BMW, Ford, the BBC and departments of transport worldwide to help more than 150 million drivers avoid traffic.
About SnapCar:

SnapCar was created in 2012 by Dave Ashton and Yves Weisselberger, two experienced entrepreneurs who believe in transforming the ground transport experience via the mobile device. Initially launched in Paris, SnapCar can operate anywhere in the world, and is soon to be rolled out in other major European cities. The vision of SnapCar’s founders can be summed up in just a few words that encapsulate how new technologies can help people get around town: Social, Local, Mobile; Snap. Go.

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