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Western US Transportation Agencies Turn to INRIX for Smart Cities Insights


  • INRIX provides Colorado Department of Transportation with mobility intelligence to improve statewide safety and infrastructure
  • Southern California Association of Governments is using INRIX Insight for visibility into movement patterns across six counties, representing 191 cities and over 18 million residents
  • INRIX provides Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority data to develop a baseline measurement tool for arterial corridor performance

Kirkland, WA– January 7, 2016 – INRIX®, Inc., a leading provider of real-time traffic information and smart cities services worldwide, continues its momentum in the US public sector transportation analytics market by announcing technology partnerships with three West Coast transportation agencies. The agencies implemented INRIX Insights™, which provides historical and real-time information that empowers DOT agencies to make data-driven decisions that impact drivers and urban transportation solutions for smarter cities.

Colorado Department of Transportation
The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has chosen INRIX for mobility intelligence to analyze transportation data to promote statewide safety and infrastructure improvement. CDOT deployed INRIX Real-time Traffic Flow and INRIX Insights Performance Measures to analyze data, create a benchmark for measuring the impact of various highway initiatives across Colorado, and compare the performance of Colorado’s statewide transportation systems. Through statewide access to analytics and visualizations, CDOT is enabling cross-agency coordination to unite and enhance the effectiveness of planning efforts throughout Colorado.

“Colorado has an 11,000 foot mountain pass of Interstate with urban-like traffic congestion. Measuring reliability, delays, mobility, safety and infrastructure conditions for this region is a tricky business,” said Ryan Rice, CDOT’s director of the division of transportation systems management and operations. “INRIX’s technology helps us maximize our dollars, be more surgical with our strategy and decipher what is or isn’t working. The analytics will also help to pair with other data systems to deliver real-time information to travelers.”

According to Rice, INRIX Insights plays a clear role in uncovering what is happening, when it’s happening and where it’s happening. The platform also helps demonstrate the magnitude and immediate impact of transportation decisions and initiatives.

Southern California Association of Governments
The unique, highly customizable data sets and traffic technology provided by INRIX enable transportation agencies to efficiently forecast and plan a wide variety of projects or public transit initiatives. For example, INRIX works with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization. SCAG represents six counties, 191 cities and over 18 million residents. SCAG maintained very detailed requirements for data selection and desired analytic tools with built-in visualization capabilities, customizable dashboards, and access to historical data going back at least three years and covering the entire six-county Southern California region.

“INRIX technology has played a key role in planning and measuring the impact of our transportation initiatives,” said Annie Nam, manager of goods movement & transportation finance at Southern California Association of Governments. “The ability to access historical traffic data and visually analyze movement patterns helps us pinpoint areas that will most benefit from road or transit improvements while streamlining the cost of our daily operations.”

Through its partnership with INRIX, SCAG is positioned to address the MAP-21 compliance requirements and efficiently build an accurate, real-time model of how drivers are moving across the region. INRIX Insights will be used by SCAG to assess performance metrics on regional roadways for various ongoing planning projects including annual reporting on roadway operating conditions.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has incorporated INRIX technology to develop an arterial performance measurement tool that establishes baseline performance conditions for the South Bay Cities’ selected major arterial corridors. As a result, Metro and the South Bay Council of Governments were able to estimate the average hourly travel time for arterial corridors across the non-holiday weekdays and make data-driven observations to validate the need for additional operational improvements for state freeways, highways and arterials.

“With limited access to automated data sources such as vehicle detectors and blue-tooth readers, we relied on manual data collection and third-party sources such as INRIX to conduct thorough analysis and provide insight into speed and travel times,” said Steve Gota,deputy executive officer at the Los Angeles County Transportation Metropolitan Authority. “In order to properly assess which third-party source to leverage, we conducted a thorough data validation analysis. For our needs, INRIX data was the most suitable solution.”

Data-driven Decisions with INRIX Insights
In order to enhance urban infrastructure and build smarter cities, state transportation agencies require an unprecedented level of data-driven insight that facilitates strategic decision making. INRIX Insights replaces traditionally inefficient and costly methods for traffic analysis with a comprehensive and affordable solution that fuels smart city growth nationwide.

INRIX Insights is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for understanding population movement across a state or metropolitan area, between two locations or at various points along a specific route. There are several options for leveraging INRIX’s archive of anonymized GPS data such as logging actual trip records for each specific trip in a region and measuring traffic flow during a particular timeframe of interest. INRIX Insights Performance Measures is a collection of on-demand analysis tools tailored to provide transportation agencies with quick and easy access to reliable traffic data and visualizations that enhance planning, monitoring and assessing roadway performance.

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