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Who We Are

INRIX combines the best data from the largest traffic network in the world with innovative technologies to help businesses accelerate and differentiate their solutions.

The leading provider of traffic services, INRIX is dedicated to helping people more easily navigate their world. By offering best-in-class traffic information, a suite of directions and driver services and flexible developer apps and tools, our team of international navigation and routing intelligence experts helps organizations bring innovative traffic-powered solutions to market in record time. Currently more than 200 customers and industry partners worldwide choose INRIX, including the Ford Motor Company, MapQuest, Microsoft, NAVIGON AG, TeleNav, I-95 Corridor Coalition, Tele Atlas, deCarta, TCS, Telmap, ANWB and ADAC. Together we give consumers the power to go anywhere.

INRIX intelligently combines the best data from the largest traffic network in the world with game-changing technologies for personal navigation, mapping, telematics and other location-based service applications in the car, online and on mobile devices. Our traffic information covers 1 million miles of roads in North America and 1 million kilometers in 28 European countries -- enough to circle the globe 64 times!

Founded in 2005, INRIX is based in Kirkland, Washington with offices internationally in the U.K. and Germany.

What We Do

INRIX offers unparalleled knowledge of what's happening on the road. We collect the highest-quality traffic information, from more sources around the world, than anyone else in the industry. Our unique Smart Driver Network aggregates traffic-related information from a growing community of nearly 100 million vehicles -- the largest driving community in the world. As a result, you get accurate real-time, historical and predictive traffic services on freeways, highways and secondary roadways, including arterials and city streets.

Building on the foundation of superior traffic information, INRIX also provides expert driver services that result in more accurate ETAs and better, faster routes. Our 3rd Generation Routing Engine is the world's first time-intelligent routing service, providing real-time, predictive and historical traffic information for nearly every highway, arterial, city street and secondary road in 30 countries. Also available are numerous in-car driver services, such as dynamic fuel prices, eco-routing and EV routing to help people save time and money along the way.

Rounding out INRIX offerings is a wealth of applications and tools to fast-track your development. These include robust tools, such as the INRIX DevZone, Mobile Development Kit, white label apps for mobile commuters and electric vehicles and hosted personalization services that make it easy to integrate traffic into your solutions.

How We Help You Deliver

INRIX provides traffic services directly and through channel partners to a broad range of markets. By combining the best traffic information in the world with unique traffic services, we can help you stand out in the crowd. And our mobile application developer kit and extensive number of APIs ensure you can quickly deliver enhancements on any platform.

Key vertical solutions

  • Automotive : Car manufacturers, tier one equipment suppliers and telematics service providers benefit from INRIX's deep expertise in seamlessly integrating mobile phone apps and in-car mobile services. Our automotive solutions provide your customers with the best traffic information, fastest routes, most accurate travel journey times, and more. Key benefits of working with INRIX include a single commercial and technical interface, one data format and a single set of homogeneous services across Europe and North America.
  • Mobile Enterprise : It's never been easier for mobile phone application developers, device OEMs and wireless operators to integrate accurate traffic info and travel times into their products. Mobile solutions from INRIX help you take the guesswork out of your customers' daily commutes using personalized traffic reports and route advice.
  • Public sector : As the leading provider of private traffic data to regional and federal government agencies, INRIX is uniquely positioned to meet your needs with real-time, predictive and historical traffic information helping improve operations and manage performance of your road networks.
  • Fleet : INRIX helps some of the premier fleet and transportation management solution providers drive better performance through improved planning and better day of service information. Dispatch services, traffic map overlays, fastest routes, next-day planning and congestion pricing are just a few of the services that help them stay ahead of the pack.
  • Media : Web portals, satellite radio and HD radio service providers attract new customers and increase stickyness using INRIX's real-time traffic information, incident alerts and traffic forecasts.

Get the INRIX Advantage

Our standard-setting technologies and extensive expertise give us a unique perspective on how to solve the technical challenge of delivering high-quality traffic information, traffic-influenced routing and related services. And we concentrate on bringing this all to you in a way that ensures you achieve peak performance. Only INRIX provides you with these key advantages.

  • Differentiate your business with the best and broadest coverage internationally : Only INRIX sets itself apart by covering every major roadway in 30 countries across North America and Europe with the highest-quality traffic information. Our traffic data helps you and your customers save time and money by predicting the future - not only showing what traffic is like right now, but what it will be like an hour, a week or even a year from now.
  • Innovate with game-changing technologies for breakthrough products : INRIX is committed to advancing traffic science through ingenious technologies that break the mold, such as 3rd Generation Routing with Total Fusion and Predictive Traffic. Join this revolution by using our continually evolving technologies to fuel your success.
  • Accelerate your time to market : Our proven traffic and traveler services applications, robust connected services platform, collaborative approach to development and strategic partnerships across the value chain ensures you deliver the goods ahead of your competition.