INRIX combines the best data with the latest breakthroughs in traffic science to accelerate transportation agencies' efforts and manage performance of their road networks is a free service to aid transportation agencies who own, operate, manage, patrol, and plan the nation's major highway system. provides to agency employees a complete, real-time picture of current traffic flow conditions across the continental United States, now covering over 200,000 miles. The site is available 24x7 and provides traffic information across state and regional borders. builds upon nearly three years of partnership with The I-95 Corridor Coalition and provides a national version of a site currently in use by dozens of agencies and hundreds of agency employees and contractors along the eastern seaboard. INRIXTraffic.US is open to all public employees and their onsite contractors who manage any part of the nation's limited access road network.

We are excited to provide this public/private partnership opportunity to state DOTs, Highway Patrol/State Police, and state emergency management agencies as a new tool to help manage unusual traffic shifts associated with localized weather events, accidents, construction projects, and agencies' efforts to meet the requirements of new Federal regulations real-time system information management.


If you have questions about the site capabilities, the registration process, or INRIX products and services, please contact: