Artificial intelligence gives INRIX AI Traffic the ability to provide the most precise and actionable information available but there’s much more under the hood that makes it our most powerful traffic solution yet.

Big Data Has Become Even Bigger But Is No Match For Artificial Intelligence

Over the past 10 years, there’s been an explosion of data. Cars and mobile devices generate massive amounts of data that are becoming increasingly more complex each year.

For many technology companies, the problem has shifted from collecting vast amounts of data to understand it quickly. Previous models of computation are no longer realistic in this new era of Big Data but artificial intelligence has provided us with the ability to process data faster and more accurately than ever before.

A Traffic Solution Built For The Modern Era of Big Data – And Beyond!

The technology that powers INRIX AI Traffic takes advantage of advances in artificial intelligence, cloud processing pipelines, and cluster computing frameworks. Our newest geospatial engine calculates traffic speeds in the cloud using neural networks that have been trained by trillions of data points that INRIX has collected over the last 14 years that improve with each new data point collected.

The result is a revolutionary traffic solution that gets drivers to their destinations faster and with less stress, helps businesses make smarter decisions, and provides cities with the knowledge they need to keep drivers safe and future-proof their roadways.

Neural Networks Work Smarter and Faster to Predict Traffic Speeds Accurately

Whereas other solutions derive their intelligence from fixed lines of code (heuristics), INRIX AI Traffic relies on neural networks that have been trained with trillions of data points. Loosely modeled after the human brain, neural networks are designed to recognize patterns that aren’t always obvious. They enable INRIX to produce summary calculations that account for a wide array of common and rare traffic situations.

The model is a neural network which means that every piece of raw data coming in is fed back through the system to improve the performance and train the model to focus on the features which really matter in each case, and the model is convolutional which means that it takes into account what is happening upstream and downstream at every point on the road network to make the most accurate predictions.  As more data comes in, the model gets more accurate, and it can eliminate anomalies in real time (in contrast to heuristics models, which require manual updates to code each time it needs to cope with a different scenario ).

Combining analysis of current traffic conditions with predictive calculations based on our robust (and ever-growing) historical data set, INRIX AI Traffic can produce ETAs that are astoundingly more accurate than previous solutions. Unlike other traffic solutions that combine the different speeds of each lane into a single “speed color”, AI Traffic is so precise that it can pinpoint the speeds of different lanes.

Cloud-Based For Faster, More Reliable Processing

By utilizing industry-leading cloud computing services, INRIX AI Traffic is able to process significantly more information — and do so more securely — than data center-based solutions. The enlarged data pipeline afforded by the cloud allows for greatly reduced latency (the time it takes data to be ingested, analyzed, and outputted). As a result, INRIX AI Traffic can provide instantaneous updates to changes on the road — from roadwork to crashes to everyday congestion.

This means the reds, greens, and yellows shown on the map are always reflective of what’s happening on the road. And much more often than before, drivers will be able to reroute before they find themselves stuck in traffic.

The Cloud Also Provides Infinite Scalability

As the geospatial engine powering INRIX AI Traffic adds billions of new data points every month (on top of the trillions it was trained on), it’s crucial to have storage solutions that can keep up. The engine relies on Amazon S3, which can effortlessly flex to accommodate the ballooning data set. And for added reliability and security, S3 stores multiple copies of each data point, fully available at any time.

This gives INRIX AI Traffic the ability to cover all roads. Drivers, therefore, receive more routing options and can have higher confidence that the route being recommended to them is the best one.

Looking Ahead… The Future of Transportation

AI and the cloud have helped us radically enhance precision, timeliness, detail, and coverage, improving existing products and creating brand new ones. In the short term,  AI Traffic will allow automakers to provide an unrivaled driving experience; fleet-based businesses will be able to route drivers more efficiently and provide customers with better ETAs, and cities can enhance public safety and optimize road maintenance. But there’s also a longer view…

The transportation industry is now at an inflection point: We spent the last decade amassing robust collections of data; we look towards a future of autonomous vehicles and smart cities. INRIX AI Traffic acts as a bridge, harnessing the previously underutilized data to enabling a smarter, more connected future.

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