This week, we released the seventh annual INRIX Traffic Scorecard. Utilizing trillions of traffic data points gathered from crowd-sourced traffic information, the Scorecard is the world’s most in-depth, data-driven look at traffic congestion across metropolitan cities in the US.

While it’s no surprise traffic in Los Angeles is the most congested, sadly it is actually getting worse according to the INRIX Scorecard data. In 2013, drivers in L.A. wasted 64 hours in traffic, five more hours than in 2012.

But these are just averages, depending on where you drive in L.A., the amount of time you waste in gridlock could be much worse. For example, if your commute takes you along I-5 southbound, you will sit idling 6 days a year in traffic.

If you’re a data geek or just want to know what you can expect from traffic in your city, head on over to the Traffic Scorecard to see where your city ranks. Be sure to check out the top 25 U.S. cities with the worst traffic below.

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