New Study Analyzes the Impact of COVID-19 on Traffic Collisions and Road Safety

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Using location-based insights from billions of anonymous data points we can help to analyze and monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our cities, roadways, and businesses.

COVID-19 restrictions have impacted transportation regionally and nationally. Throughout the pandemic, INRIX has analyzed the movement of people and goods around the world to provide insight into the dramatic changes on our roadways.

Several overlying trends have emerged: First, consumer trips were down massively while freight trips have decreased to a much lower degree. Second, trip reductions in metros closely track official guidance regarding work from home, social distancing, and shelter in place restrictions. As this crisis progresses, it is likely more cities will come to resemble those current most impacted.

INRIX Trip Analytics provides a powerful means to measure and describe just how these changes are manifesting across the country and world which we're providing access to in the free dashboard below.

To better capture the re-emergence of cities and businesses, INRIX has also developed metrics and visuals to measure activity, regardless of mode using INRIX Visit Analytics metadata. We call this, “Activity Re-Emergence Trends”.


United States Activity Map

(April 11th- June 12th)


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As people, cities and businesses start to recover from COVID-19, location-based insights from hundreds of millions of connected devices can help us see what areas and industries are seeing the most activity.

INRIX has created information and interactive “Activity Maps” on this new activity re-emergence trends page to understand which cities, areas, and businesses are seeing the most change in activity.

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Monitor The Impact of COVID-19 on Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)

INRIX is committed to empowering people, cities, and businesses with location-based insights to make mobility safer, happier, and greener. We built this free tool to provide instant insight into current trends that are happening around the world as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads.

In this extraordinary time, we have re-purposed our INRIX Trips metadata to generate relevant summary level information about traffic demand and are providing free summaries of this data below. (Pick a country from the list on the left)

The data above provides a great snapshot into what’s happening on our roadways but if you’re interested in accessing more detailed insights using INRIX Trip Trends, click the link below to get access to more detailed reports.


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INRIX Weekly U.S. National Traffic Volume Synopsis

Every Monday throughout this crisis we will publish a weekly synopsis to provide a national look at road traffic demand changes from the COVID-19 virus spread and our collective response.

Check our blog every week or subscribe to get the most update insight on what’s happening with passenger vehicle, long-haul freight, and local fleet movement as this crisis evolves.

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INRIX United States National Traffic Volume Synopsis Issue #15 (June 20 – June 26, 2020))

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