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PTV Group Selected in Collaboration with INRIX to Provide Real-time Traffic Information for the Greater Paris Region

Ile-de-France Road Directorate Chooses PTV Group to Provide INRIX Real-Time GPS Data to Manage its Strategic Road Network


ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France — October 5, 2015 —Ile-de-France Road Directorate (DiRIF) has selected PTV Group, in collaboration with INRIX, to monitor traffic and congestion in real-time across the Greater Paris metropolitan area. By choosing PTV Group, DiRIF is using the company’s PTV Optima analytics platform, which delivers traffic-related insight based on real-time data from INRIX. This allows DiRIF to monitor traffic flow and gridlock across its road network more effectively than before.

INRIX, a leading provider of real-time traffic information and connected driving services worldwide, is providing high-quality floating car data from its crowd-sourced network of connected vehicles and devices for analysis. PTV Group integrates and processes these data to deliver DiRIF a more accurate and comprehensive picture of the traffic situation on the region’s roads at any given time.

The traffic management centre of DiRIF is in charge of monitoring, controlling and publishing highly accurate information about traffic conditions on all major roads across the Greater Paris region, which serves a population of 12 million people. By using floating car data in conjunction with a scalable real-time Traffic Analytics platform, DiRIF has a more immediate view of what is happening across its strategic road network, improving traffic flow across more than 2,000 kilometres of road.

French transport authorities are very much aware of the benefits floating car data offers to urban planning. Not only is it cost-effective, but with this GPS-based solution in place, DiRIF can identify congestion hot spots across its network and provide drivers with accurate, real-time information about travel times, helping them make more informed decisions on remedial actions.

Frédéric Reutenauer, Managing Director France, PTV Group, said: “By using our PTV Optima platform and INRIX’s superior traffic data, DiRIF can achieve its objective of ensuring a high level of performance for its entire road network, as well as providing highly accurate user information. Having access to real-time data will arm DiRIF with the information to manage the road networks in the Greater Paris region more effectively, which in turn improves drivers’ journeys.”

“We are seeing a trend of European transport authorities embracing floating car data as a viable solution to better understanding and actively addressing urban mobility problems across cities and regions,” said Scott Sedlik, General Manager, EMEA at INRIX. “Real-time information and data analytics offer transport authorities unparalleled insight into what is happening on the road at any given time. The combined expertise of PTV Group and INRIX will allow DiRIF to offer timely and accurate information to travellers and businesses across the Greater Paris region.”

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