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INRIX And Volvo Cars Debut Global Collaboration For Real-Time Traffic Information

  • INRIX provides real-time and predictive traffic information for better optimized routes, travel times and alerts to crashes and incidents
  • Real-time traffic will be included in Volvo vehicles in 42 countries, representing INRIX’s first global partnership with an automaker
  • INRIX Traffic will be first available in the new Volvo XC90 in November 2015, then in all other future Volvo models


TU-AUTOMOTIVE EUROPE, STUTTGART, Germany – November 3, 2015 – Volvo Cars has selected INRIX, Inc. for the car maker’s first live traffic service to help better tackle the challenges of daily driving. INRIX will provide Volvo Cars drivers with rich, real-time and predictive traffic flow information for routes, travel times, and alerts to crashes and incidents. The technology will be integrated globally first into the Volvo Cluster 90 vehicles equipped with Sensus Connect.

INRIX offers accurate real-time and predictive traffic information for every major road type including highways, arterials, city streets and other secondary roads. INRIX combines traffic information from its crowd-sourced network of connected vehicles and insight from thousands of public and private sources to provide Volvo Cars with a real-time traffic service that covers more than five million miles in 42 countries.

“INRIX is filling a critical gap for Volvo Cars customers who expect a high standard of performance and innovation in their automobiles,” said Bryan Mistele, President and CEO, INRIX. “This global collaboration is another example of the breadth and quality of our traffic data, and indicates automakers’ desire to solve a major pain point drivers face each day.”

INRIX Traffic will be a part of Volvo Sensus Connect, an innovative on-board infotainment and navigation solution that allows drivers to find and pay for parking, discover new places, stream their favorite music and much more. INRIX real-time traffic will be available in November 2015 in the new Volvo XC90, and then in all other future Volvo models.

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