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INRIX Corridor Analysis software provides in-depth analysis of traffic counts, miles traveled and vehicle type by corridor, by time of day and day of week.

Maximizing the throughput on large-scale roadways requires in-depth data analysis that is time consuming, cost prohibitive, and is difficult to do without high quality data and easy-to-use analytics tools.

INRIX Corridor Analytics, provides travel times, average distance traveled, vehicle count, and vehicle class for any corridor helping agencies understand travel patterns and road usage to better dispatch their transportation resources on our busiest roadways.

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Corridor Analytics provides insight into how vehicles are using roads and infrastructure to get from Point A to Point B.

Get Answers to Questions Like:

  • How are vehicles getting from the suburbs into the city?
  • Which roads and bridges do they take? Are they avoiding tolls?
  • What about weekends vs. weekdays? Mornings vs.afternoons?
  • Is light rail construction changing trip patterns?
  • How are trucks moving across the city?

Get Comprehensive Metrics For Corridor Analysis Metrics and Insights

  • Vehicle Counts

  • Average Distance Traveled

  • Average Trip Time

  • Trip Count By Vehicle Class

  • Trip Trajectory Counts

  • O/D Matrix

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By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities and businesses – INRIX IQ can help you gain deep insights from the entire transportation eco-system.