INRIX Trade Area Analytics

Understand the WHO, WHAT, WHEN & HOW of your customers

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Trade Area Analytics provides businesses with insights to better understand the who, what, when and where of their customers’ travel patterns.

It’s hard to imagine a business or industry that isn’t impacted by how, when and where consumers move. When you know how customers move, you can streamline the site selection process and also reach them when and where it matters.

Single store trade areas and forecasts are essential for site selection but are also useful for cannibalization studies, competitive insight and other analyses. Using INRIX Trade Areas, you can predict the size of a trade area and understand the demographics of its population, without the need to physically visit each and every site.

Our trade area analysis software can help businesses like retailers, banks, and gas stations take the guesswork out of analyzing candidate site locations by better understanding their customer base: where they come from, who they are, and when they drive. Retailers can also save time by eliminating candidate sites that don’t meet their new, fine-tuned requirements.

Get quick access to nearly Billions of anonymous GPS-based North-America driver trips to understand buyer travel trends and answer a wide variety of location-based questions.

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Get Fast Answers About Candidate Locations To Successfully Grow Your Business


Understand the “WHO”

Gain accurate insight into the vitally important demographics of WHO visits candidate store locations.


Understand the “WHEN”

Get insights into WHEN current or prospective customers are visiting candidate sites or competitor locations.


Make Location-Based Decisions FASTER

Retailers no longer need to commission traffic studies that take weeks when insight can be gained in minutes in a few clicks.