Planning an epic road trip this summer? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite mobile apps that can help make your trip fun, affordable and unforgettable.


Yelp. Ever wander or drive aimlessly through an unfamiliar town looking for someplace to eat? Get the inside scoop and eat like a local with Yelp.  The review powerhouse launched an app that helps you find a great place to get whatever you’re craving, wherever you are.  Yelp allows you to search businesses and eateries by category, or check out nearby restaurants, bars and other businesses on a map, offering consumer reviews and star ratings for each establishment. The Yelp app is available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.

SitOrSquat. When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go! SitOrSquat is a crowdsourced restroom locator that gives you more options than a filthy gas station or crowded McDonald’s.  The app offers user reviews of public bathrooms, and allows you to search by zip code, intersection or locations nearby. This handy app is available for BlackBerry and iPhone.

GasBuddy. As gas prices soar, the money you spend at the pump can be one of the biggest expenses you have on your road trip.  GasBuddy can help you find the best deal on fuel by displaying gas prices at the stations along your route.  Saving a few bucks on every fill up can really start to add up.  Enter a zip code, or use your current GPS location and the app goes to work, showing you where you can find the cheapest gas in the vicinity along with directions to the location.

iExit. Many apps will show you nearby businesses, but iExit does things a little differently.  The app groups businesses and attractions by freeway exit. So instead of having to relying on the roadside signs that only show a handful of establishments, you can get much more robust list of businesses.  Plus the app allows you to preview what’s off the exits ahead so you don’t settle for something you don’t really want, just to find out a better option was available just a mile or two down the road. You can even track your favorite chains and businesses on your drive and get real-time alerts along your route up to 50 exits ahead. Available for iPhone, $2.99.

INRIX Traffic (of course!). Save time, money on gas on your road trip with the INRIX Traffic app, available for iPhone or Android users. Avoid sitting in gridlock with INRIX Traffic’s real-time traffic information and traffic forecasts for major highways, Interstates, arterials and city streets nationwide. Find out how current traffic compares with normal traffic conditions with the comparative traffic feature.  The app also allows you to report real-time incidents so you can alert other drivers along your route. The Pro version of the app gives you the fastest route, recommended departure time, travel time and ETA for places you’re going.

Do you have a favorite road trip app that we missed?  We’d love to hear about it.

Happy travels!