Back in 2010, the University of Maryland’s the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT Lab) leveraged INRIX speed and travel time data to create initial analyses modules of what is now known as the Probe Data Analytics (PDA) Suite.  The CATT Lab did this under the guidance of several innovative states in the I-95 Corridor Coalition, creating the first system-wide, cloud-based on-demand transportation analytics platform.  The rest, as they say, is history.

More than a decade later, INRIX and CATT Lab continue to collaboration to offer the most advanced, integrated and comprehensive set of GPS vehicle probe-based transportation analysis tools ever created, and are expanding our efforts beyond the US for the first time.  INRIX Analytics, powered by the CATT Lab. Our collaboration is the foundation for the next decade of analysis, performance measurement, planning and project assessment.

As announced today, INRIX Analytics is the umbrella analytics suite that includes Roadway Analytics, Trip Analytics and the newly introduced Signal Analytics, with further Operational Analytics modules to follow.

So what is groundbreaking about INRIX Analytics powered by the CATT Lab?  While the details could occupy hundreds of PowerPoint slides, but three things stick out to benefit transportation agencies and contractors, as well as consultants and researchers who support them:

  • Deeper Integration: INRIX and the CATT Lab have redoubled our efforts to seamlessly present data and results to customers across as many roads, in as many ways, as quickly as possible. This includes deeper integration of INRIX’s high quality XD data across more probe data analytics modules to augment TMC segment data with more coverage and higher segment granularity. The newest elements combine INRIX trip path data with CATT Labs Trip O-D modules into a fully integrated Trip Analytics service. Coordinating from the ground up, Signal Analytics specifically aids traffic engineers in understanding and improving signal system performance.  With roughly 4 million XD road segments representing over 1.5 million miles and nearly 100 million discrete roadway trips every day in the US alone, this work is complicated and requires ongoing close coordination – something not possible when data and tools are developed or procured independently.
  • Accelerated Innovation: The recently deployed arterial performance measures modules CATT Lab introduced in early 2019, made possible only with granular INRIX XD data, highlights a decade of close collaboration. We are amping up our collective innovation on all fronts.
    • Trip Analytics now includes O/D route analysis module to generate trip time, route choice percentages, and other key insights.
    • Signal Analytics introduces a whole new systemic use of probe data in transportation analytics – specifically to support traffic signal engineering on a network wide scale without the need for ANY infrastructure or manual data collection. INRIX and the CATT Lab will continue to collaborate with our agency partners and leading researchers to bring peer-reviewed and proven innovations into scalable and cost-effective applications.
  • Increased Options: Both INRIX and the CATT Lab have prided ourselves on supporting agencies and providing them the flexibility to acquire data, tools and services that best meet their needs in a manner that best fits agency needs, budgets, and procurement processes. INRIX and the CATT Lab are independent organizations, and data and tools can continue to be acquired independently and will still generate huge value to our customers.  But for those who want a seamless package of data and services in a single platform, INRIX Analytics offers just that.  Further, agencies have the flexibility to license Roadway Analytics, Trip Analytics, and Signal Analytics separately, or in any combination that meets their needs.  Finally, with Transport Scotland as our first international customer client, agencies in Europe and Canada will also now have the same options that US agencies have.

Agencies are under more pressure than ever to monitor, measure and manage their transportation system using high quality performance measures.  INRIX Analytics powered by the CATT Lab offers the most advanced tools ‘under one roof’ to support the full range of needs as focused as improving traffic signal timing at a single intersection to creating a long-range state or regional investment plans.  We look forward to another decade of continued collaboration, innovation, and transformative advances!