In today’s data-driven world, traditional geolocation data often falls short in providing the comprehensive insights that businesses need to make informed decisions. This is particularly true for sectors where conventional methods do not reach. Enter INRIX Trips Plus: a revolutionary product designed to transcend these limitations by harnessing the power of truck data tied to crucial economic locations.

What Sets Trips Plus Apart?

Trips Plus is unique in the industry. It is the only product that integrates truck geolocation data with key economic locations, including both public and private sectors. This integration covers an expansive array of vital points of interest, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers, facilitating a granular view of the supply chain and operational flow of over 400 publicly traded companies and tens of thousands private entities.

Why is this important?

Traditional geolocation data typically focuses on foot traffic at retail points of sale. While this provides some insight into consumer behavior and sales performance, it barely scratches the surface of a company’s overall health. Trips Plus fills this gap by offering deeper insights into the parts of companies that are often overlooked but critical—like production rates, supply chain efficiency, and distribution capabilities.

Deeper Insights for Strategic Decisions

For investors and businesses, understanding the full scope of operations is sometimes critical. Trips Plus enables this by providing insights that reflects the true activity at economic hotspots—not just where products are sold, but where they are made, stored, and shipped. This gives a more accurate picture of a company’s operational health and potential risks or opportunities in their supply chain.

Why Choose INRIX Trips Plus?

Choosing INRIX Trips Plus means opting for a broader and more detailed perspective of company operations and economic activities. It helps paint a fuller picture than what is possible with just point-of-sale data, allowing for better predictive analytics, investment decisions, and strategic planning. Whether you’re monitoring hundreds of tickers or focusing on private company operations, Trips Plus provides the competitive edge needed in today’s market.

Discover the Unseen, Predict the Next

INRIX is committed to advancing the scope and accuracy of economic data analytics. With Trips Plus, embrace the opportunity to delve deeper than ever before and harness insights that others miss. Let us help you uncover the critical economic indicators hidden in plain sight.

For more information on how Trips Plus can transform your data strategy, contact us today. Join us in leading the next wave of data-driven decision-making.