Yes it is.  Time is the one thing that all of us get an equal amount of every day.  However, how that time is used varies wildly from person to person.  Whether it’s work, medical appointments, leisure and family time, gardening, sport, eating, traveling, socializing, or sitting in traffic, our time quickly diminishes with every activity.   Sometimes you control your time and sometimes you don’t.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most people probably prefer the former – controlling your time whenever possible.
As a working professional, I prefer to make the most of my time when I’m at work and performing my job. Likewise, as a family man, I like to take advantage of as much time as I can when I’m with my family or have the pleasure of attending one of my children’s events.  I also like to attend sporting events, concerts, and socialize with my friends at clubs and restaurants.   Many of these activities tend to either run into each other or overlap from a timing perspective, often causing me to leave one activity earlier than I’d like to or arriving late to another.  Which means I often have to make choices that I otherwise wouldn’t have to make or potentially miss out on something important to me and others.  And when factoring travel time, the last thing I want or need is to be caught off guard by unexpected traffic conditions.

It’s about time…to take more control when it comes to those in between moments (or hours) of dealing with traffic when you could be doing the things you need or want to do with those you love (or have) to spend time with.

It’s about time…there was something to help me make better decisions about when to leave, and where to drive so I can minimize my time on the road and maximize my time doing what I want to do.  There is.

INRIX Traffic has proven to be an invaluable app to help millions of drivers take control of their time by providing the very best in real-time traffic.  Taking into account current traffic conditions, police activity, events, construction, and crashes and covering every major highway, arterial road and secondary road with nearly 100 million sources of input in over 20 countries, the results you get are second to none.

It’s about time…to get INRIX Traffic.  It’s free and it will free up your time.

Drive Safe and Happy!

Geoff Walker

Director, Consumer Marketing, INRIX