Week after week, GreenfieldPhil consistently snags the #1 spot on our list of Top Reporters.  We thought it would be fun to find out a little more about INRIX Traffic’s King of the Road.  Without further adieu, here’s GreenfieldPhil…

Reporter ID: GreenfieldPhil
Location: Indianapolis
Occupation: Sales – Road Warrior

Average Miles Driven Per Week:

Now I drive about 250 miles per week but what I would have given for INRIX in the 90’s when I drove 1,300 miles per week around the Midwest.  It would have been invaluable then.    I’ve driven over 900,000 miles for Sysco and would have loved the technology then that we have today.

Why I love INRIX Traffic:

I’m in sales and dread being late.   INRIX has often given me a heads up on problems on the interstate. The maps are well defined and easy to enlarge when I need to see what is going on.   The real time traffic situations showing orange and red are my major tools while driving.

My motivation when reporting incidents:

The libertarian in me doesn’t want folks to get caught speeding.  It’s a high tech flash of the headlights and I hope someone out there saved a few bucks  because of me.  I also realize that police presence also makes people drive a bit more cautiously so if they see a string of police emblems on the screen they are likely to drive a bit  slower and safer.

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