According to The World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Road Safety, there are more than 1.2 million fatalities each year on the world’s roads and between 20 and 50 million suffer injuries. With more drivers and vehicles on roads, safety is an increasing concern.

Each month INRIX produces approximately 5,000,000 incident reports worldwide of various types, including road closures, crashes, weather-related road conditions and more. By combining inputs from a diverse set of data sources such as websites, social media, automation and a dedicated incident operations team, we supply valuable information that makes driving a predictable and safe experience.

INRIX is recognized as a leader in transportation analytics with world-leading expertise in reporting exception-based events that are core to these areas. Whether it’s flooding, unplanned closures, crashes or dangerous slowdown locations, INRIX gathers the insights required to inform vehicles and protect drivers. These incidents can’t be pre-calculated yet cause large deviations in travel times and routing choices. INRIX Safety Alerts provide cause and effect messages to bring awareness of navigational irregularities.

Extreme numbers of unpredictable events occur during sizeable weather events, like hurricanes. When these catastrophic events happen, INRIX responds almost immediately, sending out alerts to steer drivers out of harm’s way. Below is an example of how INRIX responded to a catastrophic event compared to a normal, showing metrics relating to the two largest North American hurricanes from 2017 :

Knowledge of incidents allow drivers to route more efficiently or avoid closed roads. Beyond these inconveniences or impediments to travel, INRIX also publishes a set of automated Safety Alerts. INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns is one of these automated alerts, which identifies dramatic traffic slowdowns. If drivers are aware of what’s happening two miles ahead, they are able to slow down in plenty of time, thereby avoiding a back of queue collision. Advance alerting is one of the primary advantages of fully connected vehicles and an area where INRIX provides low-latency, highly-descriptive, grammatically robust, spatially accurate incidents that help bring awareness to dangerous locations.

Our dedicated Incident team takes a lot of pride in providing the world’s most robust and accurate incident service. Through 24/7/365 focus, continuous quality management and automated intelligence, the INRIX Incident team knows pretty much everything that is on roads. For example, did you know that last year four separate roads were closed due to a swarm of insects?

We work hard to know all the details of a particular incident, so we can be as precise as possible in conveying what’s happening ahead, enabling drivers to take the most appropriate action and make the decisions.

Overall, we produce millions of incident reports, including ones that may have caused you agony on your way to work this week. Hopefully, the passion we put into providing great incidents allows you to spend an extra ten minutes having breakfast with your kids, make your deliveries on time, or inform your customers of the why, what, when and where of impacting events on the roads they care about.