Whether traveling to Allegiant Stadium to watch the Chiefs and the 49ers duel it out, or going to a sportsbook, or just taking the family on a sunny, winter vacation, expect more traffic this Superbowl Sunday around Las Vegas.

Leveraging our Trips database from last Superbowl, we see significant activity in the early afternoon versus a normal Sunday, and a big drop in trips mid-afternoon through gametime. Post-game, around 10:00pm, travelers should expect a spike in trips being made with accompanying, acute congestion in key areas.

Further, Las Vegas is a popular spot for the Superbowl, anyway. Last year, even though the game was in Glendale, trips to the Vegas Strip were up 19% on Superbowl Sunday versus the typical Sunday.

Key roads, like I-15 from the California Border, are expected to see significant traffic congestion and an increase in travel times. Last year, travel times were up +29% during the 3-4PM peak hour. Travelers can likely expect traffic congestion to build earlier and more with more intense delays.

Don’t worry. It seems Taylor Swift will make it to the game, even with the increase in traffic around Allegiant Stadium.