With today’s introduction of our INRIX Insights™ platform for analyzing the movement of people and freight across transportation networks, today marks an important day for our customers, particularly the partners and customers I work with daily in public sector.  Inevitably when I meet with transportation agencies and public sector industry partners they ask, “Do you have OD (origin/destination data)?” and “Do you have volume data to go with your speed/travel time data?”  I’m proud to say that today we can answer YES to both questions!

While we’ll be sharing the details of our new INRIX Insights Volume and INRIX Insights Trips services in a series of webinars over the next few weeks, I wanted to share with you some information about INRIX Insights Trips and its public sector benefits ahead of the webinar I’m hosting on Thursday, May 7 2015 at 11 a.m. EDT.

INRIX Insights Trips is a data-as-a-service (DaaS) application for understanding population movement across a metropolitan area, between two locations and at various points along the way. It includes several options to leverage our archive of anonymized GPS data to log actual trip records for each specific trip in a region and timeframe of interest as well as number of trips, start and end points and times, as well as time stamped waypoints, along with indication of the vehicle type.

For anyone interested in freight planning, or general transportation system use, our trip records offer a log of hundreds of millions of trips worldwide to enable insight into how the transportation network operates.  Available now, INRIX Insights Trips has origin-destination data computed and ready for analysis from January 1, 2014 going forward.  If you are involved in national, state, regional, corridor or freight planning, or a research organization looking for a cost-effective services that overcomes the challenges of survey data, INRIX Insight Trips is the breakthrough in Origin-Destination data and analysis you’ve been searching for. And for those needing standard OD matrices specific road segment analysis, we can cut to the chase and create a matrices based on customer defined zones, specified time periods and day parts, and vehicle types, working with our partner Streetlight Data.

Just as we’ve done before with vehicle probe data, and real-time system-wide analysis  and performance measures, you’ve asked and we’ve delivered.  We look forward to having you join us on the Webinar later this week and helping you tap into INRIX Insights in ways that meets your needs and budget.

Guest post by:

Rick Schuman, INRIX Vice President of Public Sector