It’s 2012! 

It’s embarrassing that we still have to use the phrase ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) when speaking about our arrival times.   When I want the time of day, I don’t glance at the position of the sun in the sky and give an estimated time of day.  I glance at my phone and know within 60 seconds the actual time.  Likewise, in 2012, we should be able to expunge the acronym “ETA” out of our vocabularies, given that we now know real-time traffic, we can give the actual arrival time.

With the introduction of INRIX Traffic v4 for iPhone/iPad/iPod, INRIX is indeed taking the “E” out of “ETA”.   Given that INRIX has nearly 100 million drivers all contributing to the world’s largest driver community, we now offer you INRIX Arrival Times.  What are INRIX Arrival Times?   Great question.  INRIX Arrival Times are the industry’s best and most accurate arrival times given the world’s most accurate current and patented predictive traffic conditions.  Other travel apps offer ETAs.  INRIX Traffic goes further and provides INRIX Arrival Times.

But don’t stop there.  Now you can go even further.  With just two taps, you can share your personalized INRIX Arrival Time with the people waiting for you at your favorite places.  For free.  For example, share your INRIX Arrival Time to home with your spouse or share your INRIX Arrival Time with your colleagues at work, so they can decide to either start without you or wait. You are sure to win favor for not wasting the valuable time of others based on their uncertainty of your arrival time.  Below is quick video that shows you how simple it is to share your INRIX Arrival Times.

Be sure to set your favorite contacts for Home and Work to share your INRIX Arrival Times even quicker and safer while driving.

Thanks for helping change the world by taking the “E” out of “ETA”.




Kevin Foreman, VP Consumer Applications,