ICYMI – Rick Schuman pointed out on his latest blog that travel across the United States continues to increase. For the fourth straight week, travel continued to rebound, hitting levels last seen on March 21st. No state saw decreased travel versus the week prior, with Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington state and West Virginia leading the pack for week to week state gains.

Despite these gains toward the pre-COVID level, however, things are still far below expectations for travel this Spring. The video below shows vehicle miles traveled by state as a percentage of pre-COVID levels.


Nationwide, travel is still down 25 percent from pre-COVID levels. In many cities, Travel in New York City, for example, is down 46 percent from pre-COVID levels – but at its low point was down as much as 66 percent. Compare this to travel in Mobile, AL, where driving has doubled since its low point and now sits above pre-COVID levels. Washington D.C., hasn’t moved much at all since COVID lockdowns – from a low of a 70 percent reduction in VMT to 62 percent last week.



As cities and state slowly begin reemergence from COVID-related shutdowns,  . INRIX provides the latest data on re-emergence through our Trip Trends platform.