The alternative data industry is growing at an unprecedented rate, fueled by the financial sector’s unrelenting quest for competitive advantages. As of 2023, the market for alternative data was valued at USD 7.20 billion and is projected to continue its rapid expansion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50.6% through 2030.[1] This surge is a testament to the increasing recognition within the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry of the limitations inherent in traditional data sources.

BFSI’s Growing Adoption of Alternative Data

In the BFSI sector, the adoption of alternative data has transformed investment strategies and risk management processes. Traditional financial statements and market data often fail to capture the granular details necessary for today’s dynamic market environment, prompting institutions to turn to diverse data sources like social media activity, satellite imagery, IoT device outputs, and geolocation usage. These data sources offer a richer, more complex picture of consumer behaviors, economic activities, and operational efficiencies, particularly for entities that operate beyond the reach of standard geolocation data.

For hedge funds, private equity firms, and asset managers, alternative data is not merely an enhancement to their existing data reservoirs; it is central to their investment modeling. Over half of all hedge fund managers now utilize alternative data to forge strategies that outperform the market, leveraging insights into areas traditionally obscured by conventional data gathering techniques.[2]

INRIX’s Distinctive Contribution with Truck Data

Among the myriad types of alternative data, truck data provided by INRIX emerges as a uniquely valuable resource, particularly with its Trips Plus product which has over 400 tickers and millions of private POIs already mapped. INRIX harnesses comprehensive trucking data, as well as passenger car data, to offer insights that no other alternative datasets providers can. Trips Plus includes normalized commercial and passenger vehicle trip counts across various public and private brands, capturing near-real-time movements and logistics within supply chains well before these activities impact recognized revenue.

Truck data’s value lies in its ability to provide early indicators of changes at critical economic sites such as factories, warehouses, distribution hubs, and refineries. For instance, an uptick in truck movements at a manufacturing plant could signify an increase in production potentially heralding future revenue growth that is yet to be reflected in financial statements. Conversely, a decline in activity might indicate operational hitches or a drop in demand, serving as a crucial early warning for investors to recalibrate their strategies.

Strategic Implications for the Investment Community

INRIX’s truck data helps enable investors to understand supply chain efficiencies and disruptions in near-real-time, giving them a significant edge in predicting market trends and company performance. This kind of insight is particularly invaluable in sectors where the supply chain dynamics directly correlate with company outcomes, such as manufacturing, industrials, and retail.

The strategic use of Trips Plus can lead to more informed decision-making, allowing investors to anticipate stock movements and adjust their investment portfolios with a foresight not possible with traditional data alone. Furthermore, by understanding broader economic trends through truck data, asset managers, hedge funds, and private equity firms can craft more effective investment models and risk management frameworks.


As the Financial Services industry continues to evolve, the integration of advanced data analytics like those provided by INRIX will likely play an increasingly crucial role in shaping investment strategies and operational decisions. The detailed insights gained from alternative data sources such as truck data are transforming the landscape, providing a clearer view into the operational backbones of companies far sooner than has ever been possible.

For those in the financial services looking to leverage this powerful tool in their data strategy, INRIX offers an unparalleled opportunity. Reach out to us at to discover how Trips Plus can enhance your investment insights and decision-making processes.