The INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard
(April 2022 Update)

New Report Expands upon the National Benchmark of Key Traffic Signal Performance Measures Using Connected Vehicle Data and Provides Fresh Insights

Traffic Signal Scorecard Report

The INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard April 2022 Update builds upon the initial U.S. Signals Scorecard, the first and only systemic nationwide analysis of individual traffic signal performance. Utilizing INRIX Signal Analytics, this new report uses connected vehicle data and analyzes all movements at over 240,000 signalized intersections across the United States. As the pandemic recovery continues, volume, delay, and subsequent environmental impacts have all increased since late 2020.

Click below to view the full report or jump to the interactive Signals Explorer Map to see all intersections analyzed:

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The “Top 10” Best/Worst performing MPOs
  • The “Top 10” Best/Worst Performing Counties
  • The “Top 25” Worst Performing Urban Intersections
  • Traffic Signal Performance Metrics for All 50 States
  • The environmental benefits of well-timed signals, including cleaner air and reduced oil consumption
  • And much more…

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Traffic Signal Scorecard Explorer Map

Use the interactive map below to dig into the data from our report to see traffic signal performance grades by state, region, county, city and even the block level.

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