The difficulty drivers face when searching for parking is not caused by a lack of available parking, but rather by a lack of access to parking information and a navigation experience that doesn’t include this critical driving component.

INRIX provides automakers with the most complete parking solution to give drivers a truly end-to-end driving experience.

The Last Mile Is Often The Most Complicated:

Drivers waste time and money when they search for parking

For any driver, the parking experience is often frustrating. In downtown areas, drivers typically circle the block several times, hoping a parking space opens up. Drivers naturally try to park closest to their destination, causing unnecessary traffic while they search. It can also lead to an uneven distribution of available parking spaces.

The search for parking has a significant impact on drivers worldwide. In the U.S., U.K. and Germany, drivers wasted 17, 44 and 41 hours a year respectively, costing an estimated $72.7 billion, £23.3 billion and €40.4 billion a year in these countries. (INRIX Research, Parking Study 2017)

Today’s Drivers Want and Expect A Seamless Driving Experience:

Our research indicates that parking is a highly sought-after feature for drivers

For automakers to truly solve the “last mile” problem, parking must be incorporated into the entire driving and navigation experience. A recent INRIX survey found that 90 percent of drivers want the ability to navigate directly to a parking space, and more than 75 percent want a parking solution integrated within their navigation system and/or navigation apps.

A Complete Solution Is Within Reach with INRIX Parking:

Helping drivers find, compare, pay, and navigate to the best parking

Imagine a future where your car can find, reserve, and pay for an open parking spot for you. Drivers will no longer be navigated to the address of their destination, but to the open parking spot around the corner. INRIX made this vision a reality by providing automakers with all the building blocks needed to efficiently navigate drivers away from traffic and into the best parking spots.

INRIX provides the most complete solution to help drivers conquer the “last mile.” This unique offering combines high-quality parking information, predictive analytics, traffic, transactions, and routing into a single, end-to-end parking solution. Instead of just supplying pins on a map, our patented parking technology optimizes the parking experience for drivers by helping them find, compare, pay, and navigate to the best available parking.

The INRIX Parking Difference:

  • A Single, Comprehensive Parking Solution: INRIX Parking incorporates all aspects of parking into an end-to-end, parking experience. Drivers just want to park, not scroll through options.
  • Broad Global Coverage: The INRIX Parking global database includes high quality parking information includes both off-street and on-street parking coverage in key global urban markets where parking is a problem.
  • The Densest Coverage On The Market: INRIX ensures that drivers have access to parking info for the entire city, not just the most popular areas.
  • Parking Availability Data For Parking Lots & City Streets: For parking data to be truly useful, drivers need to know not only where to park, but also if there’s a spot available. INRIX has the highest quality real-time parking availability information on the market for more than 50,000 off-street lots, and for city streets in over 422 top tier cities.
  • Automotive-Grade Quality: INRIX Parking’s patented technology  is also Automotive SPICE® certified by a third party, ensuring drivers get a superior parking experience. INRIX is committed to quality as evidenced by ISO9001:2015 certification, dedicated quality team, and standardized parking quality benchmarks (developed with BMW).
  • Universal Payment Platform to Make It Easy For Drivers to Reserve And Pay For A Spot On The Go: INRIX gives automakers exclusive access to some of the world’s largest parking payment and reservation providers for both on-street and off-street payments.
  • Innovative Parking Search Route Navigation to Save Driver’s Time: By combining industry leading traffic and parking availability data with machine learning and predictive analytics, INRIX is able to efficiently guide drivers to open parking spots.

Check out our latest Parking Infographic to learn why INRIX Parking is the only complete solution to help drivers park.