The INRIX product lineage of intelligent mobility solutions was born of data streams and API responses. Although we still deliver data at scale, our future is in applications and solutions.

The expectation of many of our customers is that they’re able to harness the power of trillions of data points without investing in independent analysis of that data – simply put, they want the answers to complex geospatial questions with a few clicks.

Today, we are excited to introduce INRIX IQ, with an initial set of SaaS applications that provides roadway and travel insights to anyone, anywhere. From here, we will continue to invest in IQ and add more vertical SaaS applications that fit specific business and industry needs.

With the consumerization of enterprise software having fully arrived, we have put our product focus squarely on our customer with the company-wide goal of making our enterprise applications as intuitive and easy-to-use as some of the consumer software we use every day. Our challenge was taking big data from millions of devices per minute and organizing it in way that allows quick answers to traditionally hard location problems. Our company came together, refocused, and built the foundation for how we will deliver software over the next ten years.

We collect trillions of anonymous data points each year. With a dataset this rich you can do some pretty powerful things! When you put that data into the cloud and optimize it for vertical applications, you’re able to become really good storytellers. Our tools help tell stories about how people are moving, how often, when, and to where. We’ve been aggregating location data for a long time and at this point, there’s not a location question we can’t answer.

For instance: Which restaurants are busier after a Seahawks game? How many cars turned left on Main & 1st between 3-6pm last Tuesday? Or even, how many freight-carrying semi-trucks entered the state of Arizona last night via I-40?

With IQ we will allow our customers to interact with, interrogate, inspect, configure, and customize solutions. We’ll then present answers that emphasize beautiful data visualizations, map-based summations, and clear insights that allow our customers to make data-driven decisions based on how people, devices and vehicles are moving through time and space.

So, we’re no longer just a data company. We’re now driven to deliver tools and applications that make understanding location data far easier than in years past.  And it’s all powered by the massive metaphorical piles of data that we’ve long been known for.

We hope you’ll sign up for a trial, see what you think, and keep your eyes on INRIX as we transition to new ways of delivering location data.