We are excited to release the latest version of INRIX Trips Plus, our FinServ product that helps investment managers leverage connected vehicle data to evaluate performance and identify trading opportunities.

What is INRIX Trips Plus?
Investment managers are constantly seeking new ways to leverage the latest data and technology to gain a competitive edge. However, the recent crackdowns on some geolocation data sets, such as mobile device data, have made it more challenging for investment managers to obtain reliable insights to help optimize portfolio allocations, manage risk, and uncover hidden market insights—  but that’s where INRIX Trips Plus comes in.

INRIX Trips Plus is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, and tickerized geolocation alternative dataset that helps investors analyze the companies they care about and produce alpha for their portfolio. Trips Plus covers 450+ stock symbols, 7,400+ brands and 12M+ US POIs, making it one of the most robust and precise geolocation datasets on the market.

By aggregating connected vehicle data from passenger cars and trucks with point of interest (POI) data, Trips Plus provides a convenient way to analyze the brands, industries, and tickers that matter to you.

What’s new with INRIX Trips Plus?
Since its launch late last year, Trips Plus has gained immense traction from the investing community, and it now includes features that will deliver greater insights into financial performance.

We just released the latest version of Trips Plus which now incorporates vehicle trips with before and after location visits. This means that the dataset now includes the POI where a vehicle was before visiting a specific location and the POI where it went after. This update provides investment managers with even greater insights into consumer trends and truck activity around manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and seaports.

With this update, Trips Plus becomes an integral tool for investment managers looking to better predict earnings for public and privately owned companies, identify trading opportunities, and generate alpha. For example, insights from Trips Plus were recently used by The Wall Street Journal to explain the steady growth of auto parts stores since the pandemic.

How Can Investment Professionals Learn More and Get Access to this Alt Dataset?
INRIX Trips Plus is available via a flexible subscription model that enables access to the vehicle movements that are relevant to your portfolio. With Trips Plus, you can gain easy access to car and truck data to and from locations without the disparate dataset gymnastics—simply identify which companies or locations you’d like to analyze and this powerful solution will do the rest.

If you want to learn more about the unique insights that Trips Plus can provide request a demo or register for this free webinar hosted by Battlefin on May 24, 2023.