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Leading Transportation Agencies Worldwide Rely on INRIX Data. How Can We Help You?

Indispensable tools to better measure and monitor the performance of your road networks.

Transportation agencies are under pressure to provide more complete data-powered solutions for measuring system performance, streamlining operations or delivering new and improved services. INRIX is uniquely positioned to meet these demands with real-time, predictive and historical traffic information, real-time incident and weather safety alerts unlike any others.

It's why 46 states are using our free INRIXTraffic.US service to fill the gaps in their monitoring. That's why 16 states in the U.S. I-95 Corridor Coalition teamed with INRIX to improve traffic operations, and the same reason why Texas Transportation Institute fuels its annual Urban Mobility Report with INRIX data.

U.S. Real-time System Management Information Program (RTSMIP) Compliance

While meeting the requirements of Section 511 of Title 23 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations of the Real-Time System Management Information Program (RTSMIP) may seem like a daunting task in a time of ever-tightening budgets and decreasing federal support, INRIX provides States with a cost-effective, easily to implement set of solutions for meeting compliance. Whether you just have a few gaps to fill in your current operations or require a more comprehensive solution, INRIX delivers everything you need to meet the demands of RTSMIP including:

RTSMIP Requirement INRIX Solution
  • Monitor traffic and travel conditions in real-time on all Interstates
  • For metro areas over 1 million people, monitor traffic and travel conditions in real-time on all limited access roads.
Monitors 260,000+ miles of roads in real-time 24x7 including:
  • All Interstates and other major roads nationwide.
  • Major arterials and city streets in all 52 cities with populations over 1 million people.
  • Track accidents, incidents, construction, road closures and weather
Detects location and incident type, monitors status and communicates severity of abnormal traffic/travel conditions nationwide:
  • Sourced from Clear Channelís Total Traffic Network and our own rapidly growing user community
  • Detailed weather information via WDT
  • Time to report must be 20 minutes or less (Interstates) and 10 minutes or less (travel times, construction, incidents)
  • Must achieve 85% accuracy
  • Data available 90% of the time
Independently validated by the I-95 Coalition Vehicle Probe Project, INRIX offers proven quality:
  • Conditions calculated and updated every minute
  • 100% detection of all freeway slowdowns; travel time accuracy above 95%
  • 99.9% availability

Traffic Operations

It's expensive to properly operate and maintain a road sensor network. Particularly when it only covers a small percentage of the road network. INRIX's unique network of more than 3 million GPS vehicle probes supplements your existing data with high quality and significantly enhanced real-time traffic coverage. And our system is maintenance-free, automatically scaling to provide more coverage on more roadways every day.

Just introduced, INRIXTraffic.US is a free Web-based service that provides transportation agencies with a complete, real-time picture of current traffic flow conditions across the continental United States. This is not a "Trial Offer," it is a real tool available to all public agencies - TODAY. Designed specifically to assist the people who own, operate and patrol critical roadways, INRIXTraffic.US is one way we demonstrate our commitment to public transportation agencies. Registration is free and without obligation.

Performance Measures

Public agencies everywhere are increasing focus on quality performance measures. The need is being driven from many levels for transparency and accountability. First you have to justify the need to make improvements across your road network. Then you have to show that those improvements have achieved the desired results. Our real-time, predictive and historical traffic services give you the data you required to identify, model and evaluate the effectiveness of your transportation projects with real data that builds credibility for your program and agency.

INRIX also delivers congestion monitoring data internationally, allowing states and regions to consistently track congestion levels and trends, by detailed road segment and time of day. The INRIX National Traffic Scorecard illustrates the possibilities, and later this year the industry-respected TTI Urban Mobility Report will marry nationwide INRIX speed data with available traffic volume data to create an unprecedented picture of congestion and its impacts.

Dynamic Message Signs & 511 Services

INRIX powers the data behind travel time signs in a growing number of regions. Additionally, our Traffic, Weather-Safety and Real-Time Incident alerts are detected and monitored by more than 100 manned operations centers in North America. As a result, you can confidently translate traffic slowdowns into simple text-based messages for use in 511 services and message signs. Using INRIX data allows agencies to light up travel time signs or to overlay traffic flow maps to public websites quickly at an amazingly low cost.

Congestion Pricing

With the added benefit of understanding expected traffic conditions for each hour of the day, every day of the week, you gain the insight you need to align toll charges with traffic volumes based on a better understanding of traffic patterns in your city.

Safety & Evacuation Applications

Need to quickly dispatch emergency responders to accidents? Rely on INRIX's unique GPS probe vehicle-based traffic data to tell you when and where help is needed. And use this service to effectively plan and monitor traffic conditions when major events like hurricanes and earthquakes occur.

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